See the display on Ecosystem Conservation Resources in the Library at Moreton Morrell

A new display highlighting some of the resources available to help Level3 Diploma in Countryside Management students with an assignment on Ecosystem Conservation has gone up in the Library at Moreton Morrell this week.

The display next to the counter in the Library

The display next to the counter in the Library

The display gives useful suggestions for books, e-books and other online resources covering both general ecosystem topics and the specific species mentioned in the assignment brief.

Posted by Sally Humphrey

Celebrating success with ESOL students!

We have really enjoyed celebrating success at Leaminton Library with ESOL students who have completed their ‘Four Book Reading Journey’! The joint initiative between ESOL tutors and the Leamington Library is very popular with students wanting to improve their English and is ever expanding, with students on other courses also wanting to join in. Well done to all who took part!

posted by Sophie

Get Set Week careers display and resources at Leamington site Library


As part of Get Set Week at Warwickshire College (31st March – 4th April), Leamington site library has a display promoting its resources on careers, complete with free Fresh Young Millionaire magazines to take away! As well as our wide range of books on careers in different fields, the display recommends some excellent websites.

Try - a website geared towards inspiration, encouragement and discovery – for career videos as well as hundreds of useful articles.You can also search by employment sector or by life decision - for example, whether or not to go to university. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to work, try the search wizard or maybe start with one of the icould quizzes, such as The Buzz Test.

The libraries have lots of resources (books, e-books and more) on careers, covering everything from writing a CV to how to answer interview questions, so why not pop in to your nearest site library and take a look!

posted by Patty & Sophie

Winners from Student Council



Last academic year during revision and exams, £33,526 worth of stock was unavailable to students because it had not been returned on time.

Claire Roberts from Henley and Holly Scott from Rugby have each won an ipod shuffle for their ideas on how to encourage the return of resources on time.

Posted by Julie for Tracy

Photography display at Leamington site Library

Take better photographs!

The display at Leamington site Library gives you tips on how to take better pictures and includes a range of books and magazines to help you perfect your technique. Don’t forget to also have a look at our wider collection of books on photography for inspiration.

posted by Patty & Sophie

Download and keep e-books for longer!

When you download a Library e-book via the Library Catalogue or E-Library page, you now have the option to access the download offline for up to 21 days (previously 7 days)! Great news, right!?

Go to the E-Library page to browse the huge collection of Library e-books available to College staff and students, which can be accessed online at any time and from anywhere.

posted by Sophie

New Computing/Engineering e-resource – IEEE Xplore

The Library now has full text access to IEEE Xplore, a Computing/Engineering/Science resource.

This resource allows College members to search and view approximately 3.6 million full text articles available through the IEEE Xplore digital library, both within and outside College with no login required. Topics include:

  • Aerospace
  • Bioengineering
  • Communication, Networking & Broadcasting
  • Components, Circuits, Devices & Systems
  • Computing & Processing (Hardware/Software)
  • Engineered Materials, Dielectrics & Plasmas
  • Engineering Profession
  • Fields, Waves & Electromagnetics
  • General Topics for Engineers (Math, Science & Engineering)
  • Geoscience
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Power, Energy, & Industry Applications
  • Robotics & Control Systems
  • Transportation

Access IEEE Xplore now using the link, or find it via the Library Catalogue and the E-Library pages, either through the Computing and Engineering sections or the e-resources link.

posted by Sophie

Sports Talent by Jim Brown… new in at Henley Library

Sports Talent: how to identify and develop outstanding athletes by Jim Brown.


What attributes separate average recreational athletes from high-achieving competitors in organized sports? What characteristic is common to great athletes? Whether you are a student studying this area of sport, an aspiring athlete, the parent of a potential star, a coach who works with athletes 8 to 20 years old, or  a scout looking to refine your assessment criteria, this book will tell you what to expect in the development process and how to overcome obstacles.

World War One Fashion Display at Leamington site Library

First Year BTEC Extended Diploma Fashion and Clothing students are currently working on a project centred on the First World War; the display at Leamington Library aims to provide background information and inspiration. The War was a turning point in many ways – military uniforms were designed to blend in, not stand out (no more Redcoats) and women found themselves in uniform for the first time, either in supporting roles at the front or in a range of civilian uniforms. Haute couture persevered, but even high fashion was influenced by the military look.

The display illustrates how certain colours are forever associated with the First World War. The soldiers’ khaki uniforms blended in with the sea of mud that was the trenches and No Man’s Land, whilst the bright poppies that grew in the wastelands provided an incongruous splash of colour that inevitably reminds us of the endless bloodshed.

posted by Patty & Sophie