New Childlink mobile app

Childlink is an online resource that the Library subscribes to, which focuses on legislation, policies, research and practices regarding children, young people and families in the UK and Ireland. Designed for policy makers, academics and those who work with young people, Childlink’s users include Government Departments, Health Sector, and Social Work agencies. 

Members of Warwickshire College can now get full access to Childlink on a smart phone using the new – free – mobile app! Simply go to > select Login via your institution > select Warwickshire College > enter your College login details.

From a PC you can access Childlink via the Search the Library Collection link on the Libraries homepage, just search Childlink.

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Access the latest UK consumer market reports with MINTEL


As dissertations are getting underway, the Library would like to remind you all of an excellent business e-resource that should be of great use to many students – Mintel.

Found via the Library Catalogue and E-Library on the Libraries intranet pages, Mintel is a database of consumer market reports on topics such as social networking, leisure pursuits, retail behaviour and much more. The Library subscribes to reports in the following areas:

Beauty and Personal Care         Clothing and Footwear
E-Commerce                              Home Retailing
Leisure                                       Media
Technology                                Travel

Mintel’s market reports date back to 2000, with many new reports being published every month. Click on My Reports to see the full list of reports we subscribe to. Here are just a small selection of the market reports published so far in 2014:

  • Haircare – UK – April 2014
  • Smartphone and Tablet Gaming – UK – April 2014
  • Spectator Sports – UK – April 2014
  • Bicycles – UK – March 2014
  • Coach Holidays – UK – March 2014
  • Digital Trends Spring – UK – March 2014
  • Menswear – UK – March 2014
  • Mobile Network Providers – UK – March 2014
  • Online Grocery Retailing – UK – March 2014
  • Toy Retailing – UK – March 2014
  • Electrical Goods Retailing – UK – February 2014
  • Leisure Venue Catering – UK – February 2014
  • Mobile Phones – UK – February 2014
  • Nursery and Baby Equipment – UK – February 2014
  • Package vs Independent Holidays – UK – February 2014
  • Soap, Bath and Shower Products – UK – February 2014
  • Fashion Accessories – UK – January 2014

Each market report is extremely thorough, yet the findings are set out in a clear and visually interesting way. For example, please see the Infographic Overview and Executive Summery for the quarterly digital trends report, published last month.

The Mintel site also has a useful My News page which covers the latest company news, market updates, advertising news and product innovation.

Please contact the Library for more information and help on using any of our e-resources.

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Journal of Child and Adolescent Behaviour

If you are studying on an Early Years course, you may be interested to hear about a relatively new online resource. The Journal of Child and Adolescent Behaviour is a free, open access journal (can be accessed from anywhere and no login required). Click HERE to take a look at the current issue; previous issues can be accessed via the Readers option in the menu on the left. This journal can be accessed through the library catalogue and E-Library page.

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Safer Internet Day – 11th February 2014

Safer Internet Day 2014 will take place on 11th February 2014, with the theme ‘Let’s create a better internet together’. The day offers the opportunity to focus on both the creative things that children and young people are doing online, as well as the role and responsibility that all stakeholders have in helping to create a better internet.

Safer Internet Day is organised in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre in February of each year to promote the safe and responsible use of online technology and mobile phones for children and young people. Activities are held across the UK by Safer Internet Day supporters. Go to the official website for more information.

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Library webpages explained – new display at Leamington site library

Come into the Library at the Leamington site to see the great display explaining what information and resources you can find on the Libraries webpages – there’s a wealth of information on there!

If you need any help finding what you need online, just ask Library staff – we are here to help!

posted by Sophie Careers Advise – inspiration for your career! is about inspiration, encouragement and discovery. The idea is to help you make the most of your potential and talent, by showing how others have used theirs. Thinking about work can be exciting, confusing, daunting and just plain scary. Opportunities may also appear scarce, especially at the moment with the doom and gloom messages about the recession. This is why inspiration and encouragement are particularly important, so you can act positively, creatively and with optimism.

The icould storytellers relate, in their own words, their real life career journeys. There are over a thousand easy to search,varied career videos as well as hundreds of written articles. From landscape gardeners to web designers, from engine drivers to zookeepers; they talk about what they do, what it’s like, how they came to be where they are and their hopes for the future, as well as the times when they’ve messed up and had set-backs. There are a few stories from well-known people too. The video stories – as well as articles – also talk about real issues, such as problems at home, taking a year out, failing exams and coping with redundancy. You can also search by employment sector or by life decision – for example, whether or not to go to university. Finally, you can use the tag map, to search across all of the themes.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to work, try the search facility or maybe start with one of the icould quizzes, such as The Buzz Test.

Don’t forget, there will be plenty of careers related events to get involved with during Get Set Progression Week here at the College, 11th-18th March; more info coming soon…

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Safer Internet Day 2013

Tuesday 5th February is Safer Internet Day, which is organised by Insafe every year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones – this year marks the 10th anniversary of the event. The theme for 2013 is Online Rights and Responsibilities, with the slogan “Connect with Respect”. If social networking is a big part of your life, it is important that you are aware of the various challenges you could face relating to your privacy, reputation and safety online. Visit the Safer Internet Day site for more information and make sure you are aware of the dangers of the digital world.

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‘the Engineer’ magazine available online


The magazine ‘the Engineer’ can now be found online at

Once online, click next to the title to read a digital version of the latest issue or search the site for a specific subject.

Every fortnight the Engineer provides a mix of news, features and analysis of new technologies and innovations, plus interviews with leading engineers. You can send your questions to be answered by an expert panel – this month on the subject of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

The engineering jobs section is a specialist recruitment site for the engineering industry. You can search and apply for jobs in specific sectors and can register to receive email alerts each time a vacancy matches your requirements is published.  This section also provides help in creating your CV.

For something a little more light hearted follow the Engineer’s blog which is a mixture of opinion, reporting and looking into some of the issues facing the world of technology. Blogs vary from looking at the link between business success and the state of their toilets to a guest blogger’s views on the road to driverless cars.

So why not click the link above and have a look at ‘the Engineer’. I’m sure you’ll find something of interest.

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Introduction to UK Copyright Law

Check out this short video explaining the basics of UK copyright law, introducing key concepts and issues for consumers.


Currently, the UK government is considering making some changes to the existing Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (CDPA 1988). This video explores those proposals and the arguments on both sides of the debate.

We are all users of copyright material in our everyday lives, so it’s important to know basics.

The video is created by Bartolomeo Meletti, with support from the Department of Law at Bournemouth University.

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