You said…
you did not like the design and layout of the library website though you found it easy to navigate

you wanted to be able to search all electronic library resources and not have to go into
each one separately

you wanted to know straight away when a book reservation is available

that some of the libraries opening hours did
not offer the choice you wanted

you sometimes need 1:1 support or

you would like to access e-books for your assignments on the Learning Channel

you needed to colour print in A3

rebranded the library website using different colours and a two column layout

have purchased software that will let you do this – to be launched September 2014

will text you to let you know that your reservation is ready to collect

have reviewed our opening hours and have offered extended hours at some sites this year

are happy to organise 1:1 sessions. Some sites also offer workshops

added e-books directly onto the Learning Channel for you

introduced new printers to all sites that provide printing scanning and photocopying – A4, A3, black & white, colour

We are continually trying to improve our site, so appreciate any comments or ideas that we can use as a basis for improvement.

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3 comments on “Feedback

  1. I like the less cluttered layout. Everything seems to have a bit more space now and is easier to read!

  2. E journals and academic E searching facility is a phenomenal help, cut down researching time by 60% easily. Nice one bruva!

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