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Library Opening Hours ~ Term Time

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2 comments on “Opening Hours

  1. I think the library service is great!!! But the opening hours are not accessible for people who work. I had an assignment to hand in after Easter and when Leamington was open, it closed early 4.30pm – 5pm, which is when people can study after work. I did use Morton Morrell on Saturdays. I wondered why they had longer opening hours. But I was very grateful even though I had to travel from Coventry.

  2. Thank you for your comments Linda, we welcome all feedback about the Libraries at Warwickshire College, it does help us to shape the service.

    As you state, during vacations the Libraries close earlier than normal, although Morton Morrell continues to open at the weekends. Morton Morrell has longer hours because the halls of residence on site are in use all year round.

    Are you aware of the Inspire Scheme? It aims to give easy access to public, national and higher education Libraries, free of charge. Being a student at Warwickshire College, you can benefit from the scheme and would have access to study at Coventry University Library, Warwick University Library and Coventry public libraries, as well as others. You can register by completing an application form at any Warwickshire College Library, this might help give you better access to study space and resources during the vacations.

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