The Vogue Archive – trial access now available

The Vogue Archive is a complete searchable archive of American Vogue, from the first issue in 1892 to the current month, every page of every issue has been digitised and reproduced in high-resolution color images. The Vogue Archive constitutes a searchable treasure trove of work from the greatest designers, photographers, stylists, and illustrators of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Rich indexing enables you to find images by garment type, designer and brand name.

The resource provides valuable primary source material for students across many disciplines. Fashion design and photography students can find inspirational images. Business students can research the history of a brand identity by viewing brand advertisements between specified dates. Researchers in cultural studies and gender studies will be able to explore themes such as body image, gender roles, and social tastes from the 1890s to the present.

The Library currently has trial access to this resource up until 17th September 2014. Search ‘Vogue Archive’ on the library catalogue to access.

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Photography display at Leamington site Library

Take better photographs!

The display at Leamington site Library gives you tips on how to take better pictures and includes a range of books and magazines to help you perfect your technique. Don’t forget to also have a look at our wider collection of books on photography for inspiration.

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World War One Fashion Display at Leamington site Library

First Year BTEC Extended Diploma Fashion and Clothing students are currently working on a project centred on the First World War; the display at Leamington Library aims to provide background information and inspiration. The War was a turning point in many ways – military uniforms were designed to blend in, not stand out (no more Redcoats) and women found themselves in uniform for the first time, either in supporting roles at the front or in a range of civilian uniforms. Haute couture persevered, but even high fashion was influenced by the military look.

The display illustrates how certain colours are forever associated with the First World War. The soldiers’ khaki uniforms blended in with the sea of mud that was the trenches and No Man’s Land, whilst the bright poppies that grew in the wastelands provided an incongruous splash of colour that inevitably reminds us of the endless bloodshed.

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New Grayson Perry book at Leamington site Library – go see the exhibition too!

Leamington site Library has a great new art book in stock: The Vanity of Small Differences by Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry. The book accompanies Perry’s exhibition of the same name, open until 11th May 2014 at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.

The free exhibition is composed of a series of six large tapestries (2m x 4m) which tell the story of class mobility and the influence social class has on our aesthetic taste. The tapestries were created alongside his 2012 TV series All in the Best Possible Taste and feature a number of people, events and objects he experienced during the filming.

In the television series, Perry went “on a safari amongst the taste tribes of Britain”, to gather inspiration for his artwork, literally weaving the characters he meets into a narrative, with an attention to the minutiae of contemporary taste every bit as acute as that in Hogarth’s 18th century artworks.

For more information click HERE to visit the website.

Do come take a look at the art section at Leamington Library, we have a great range of books for all to enjoy, not just those who study art. Whether it’s a home decorating project or you are interested in taking up a new crafting hobby, we have all the resources you need!

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Fashion Illustration Display at Leamington site Library

First year students studying for their Extended Diploma in Fashion and Clothing are working on an illustration assignment this term and the Library display aims to stimulate ideas and offer resource options.

The display explores some contrasting illustration styles, from the early 20th Century to contemporary work, and suggests websites, blogs and magazines, as well as highlighting the Library’s own collection of books on fashion illustration.

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Resources for The Old Wives’ Tale project at Leamington site Library

The Library at the Leamington site is currently providing a resource base for year one students on the ED Fashion and Clothing course who are working on a project to design a screen print inspired by The Old Wives’ Tale. The project is split into themes and the current theme is based around bones, skulls, antlers, horns, fur, feathers and creatures such as spiders, bats, crows and foxes. The Library’s project base presents ideas for books, films, magazines and major online sources, all of which are a great source of images for inspiration for this stage of the project.

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Dark Shadows – a display at Leamington site Library

This new film display is based on Dark Shadows, an American horror comedy-drama starring Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins, a 200-year-old vampire who has been imprisoned in a coffin. When he is eventually unearthed, he makes his way back to his mansion, now occupied by his dysfunctional descendants. He also finds that his family’s fishing business has been taken over by his jealous former lover, the witch who had him transformed into a vampire…

Art exhibition outside Leamington site library

Today saw the grand opening of the annual exhibition of artwork by LDD students. Located at the external entrance to the A block, just outside the library at the Leamington centre, this exhibition brings together a huge variety of textiles, materials and techniques. Take a stroll through the library and check it out! You can also click HERE for a preview of the excellent work, together with some of the comments left by visitors so far.

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New e-books in April

Click HERE to see the purchased e-books during April! Our newest editions cover a variety of topics, such as:

International business;
How to have a perfect job interview;
Countryside management;
Legal issues in counselling and Psychotherapy;
Teaching… and more.

Click on the Title or Author, then the ’Electronic resource’ link to access an e-book from this list.

All of our e-books are available to access via the library catalogue. Alternatively, to browse the e-books we have on offer, visit the E-Library and click on E-books under the relevant subject area.

For more information or to arrange training on how to access our e-books and our other online resources, please contact the library, we will be happy to help.

Teaching staff: Please contact me if you are interested in getting e-books attached to units on the Learning Channel.

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Textile View Magazine at Leamington Library

Textile View magazine Spring 2013 has arrived at Leamington site Library. This issue gives vital insights into men’s and women’s fashion this summer, and forecasts for winter 2014 are evoked with the usual cutting edge(!) illustrations. Plus, to celebrate 25 years of Textile View, this issue looks back at 25 years of fabrics and fashion through 1988-2013, as well as a ‘horoscope’ for the next 25.

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New Gaming Magazine at Leamington Library

Illustration by Edward McGowan, in Kill Screen magazine

Kill Screen (“Games.Play.Life”) has arrived at Leamington site library. This American games magazine is serious games journalism with a light touch. This is what the editor says of the current “change” issue:

“This issue is dedicated to the various permutations of our favourite, snaky little medium. We start with a look at how games are changing our world, from the ‘serious’ games movement budding in Latin America, to enhancing our understanding of the tragedy that was the assassination of John F. Kennedy. From there, we turn inward – literally. Games are feedback loops that are shifting our very being, and contorting our body chemistry, for better and for worse.

Next, we take the long view. What happens when the children of the Atari era turn 80? Will they be able to play the way we once did?  What will those games even look like?  Finally, we travel to Hungary to look at a video game that started when the Berlin Wall fell, and has yet to be completed! Some things truly don’t change”.

Come in and have a read to see what’s going on in the world of gaming.

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