#getset in Leamington library

Looking for help with career advice?
Come to see our display in Leamington site library. As well as a wide range of careers in different fields, the display recommends some excellent websites.
Try www.icould.com   – a website geared towards inspiration, encouragement and discovery, career videos,  as well as hundreds of useful articles. The libraries have lots of resources on careers (books, e-books and more), covering everything from writing a CV to how to answer interview questions. So why not pop in to your nearest site library and take a look.
Also check out our Inspiration competition on Thursday in the atrium, with a chance to win a £15 Amazon voucher! finalpicGSW

New Human Resource Management E-Book

new equine e book

The 13th edition of this classic title provides the complete resource required for HR practices, as well as essential business needs of practitioners.

Access this e-book by searching the library catalogue via the Search the library catalogue link.

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Visual Media


Need an image, video or flash movie for your assignment or presentation?kritikosJPG

Check out kritikos.liv.ac.uk



            A customised search engine for visual media designed to save you time searching for that essential engineering or motor vehicle video.

                                                Have a look and tell us what you think.




Where To Next?

Career journal blog 5         Career journal blog 3

                                                                                                   Career journal blog 6

 Coming to the end of your course and not sure where to go next?

 Why not take a look at the journals in your library for careers ideas and suggestions.

Or speak to Student Services.

See the display on Ecosystem Conservation Resources in the Library at Moreton Morrell

A new display highlighting some of the resources available to help Level3 Diploma in Countryside Management students with an assignment on Ecosystem Conservation has gone up in the Library at Moreton Morrell this week.

The display next to the counter in the Library

The display next to the counter in the Library

The display gives useful suggestions for books, e-books and other online resources covering both general ecosystem topics and the specific species mentioned in the assignment brief.

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Photography display at Leamington site Library

Take better photographs!

The display at Leamington site Library gives you tips on how to take better pictures and includes a range of books and magazines to help you perfect your technique. Don’t forget to also have a look at our wider collection of books on photography for inspiration.

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Sports Talent by Jim Brown… new in at Henley Library

Sports Talent: how to identify and develop outstanding athletes by Jim Brown.


What attributes separate average recreational athletes from high-achieving competitors in organized sports? What characteristic is common to great athletes? Whether you are a student studying this area of sport, an aspiring athlete, the parent of a potential star, a coach who works with athletes 8 to 20 years old, or  a scout looking to refine your assessment criteria, this book will tell you what to expect in the development process and how to overcome obstacles.

World War One Fashion Display at Leamington site Library

First Year BTEC Extended Diploma Fashion and Clothing students are currently working on a project centred on the First World War; the display at Leamington Library aims to provide background information and inspiration. The War was a turning point in many ways – military uniforms were designed to blend in, not stand out (no more Redcoats) and women found themselves in uniform for the first time, either in supporting roles at the front or in a range of civilian uniforms. Haute couture persevered, but even high fashion was influenced by the military look.

The display illustrates how certain colours are forever associated with the First World War. The soldiers’ khaki uniforms blended in with the sea of mud that was the trenches and No Man’s Land, whilst the bright poppies that grew in the wastelands provided an incongruous splash of colour that inevitably reminds us of the endless bloodshed.

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New Grayson Perry book at Leamington site Library – go see the exhibition too!

Leamington site Library has a great new art book in stock: The Vanity of Small Differences by Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry. The book accompanies Perry’s exhibition of the same name, open until 11th May 2014 at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.

The free exhibition is composed of a series of six large tapestries (2m x 4m) which tell the story of class mobility and the influence social class has on our aesthetic taste. The tapestries were created alongside his 2012 TV series All in the Best Possible Taste and feature a number of people, events and objects he experienced during the filming.

In the television series, Perry went “on a safari amongst the taste tribes of Britain”, to gather inspiration for his artwork, literally weaving the characters he meets into a narrative, with an attention to the minutiae of contemporary taste every bit as acute as that in Hogarth’s 18th century artworks.

For more information click HERE to visit the website.

Do come take a look at the art section at Leamington Library, we have a great range of books for all to enjoy, not just those who study art. Whether it’s a home decorating project or you are interested in taking up a new crafting hobby, we have all the resources you need!

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Journals in the Libraries


     Take a look at the wide range of publications we have for you in the libraries at Warwickshire College.

 At the Trident site, the focus is on engineering and motor vehicle but each site will have something of interest. Back copies are also available and can be borrowed for a week at a time.


 Why not call into your library and see what they have.